School Uniform

It is school policy that we encourage the children to wear a uniform to help create a sense of community and pride in the school.


Parents can currently purchase items from three different supplier options. You may buy a selection of items from either supplier as all of the items have been approved by school.


Option 1. Via a new & local supplier "Class Clobber" who are based in Colchester/Layer de la haye. There are items of uniform available on their website . This company has been selected as a).They are local and can deliver items directly to school quickly b) Each item of uniform can have your child's name (we suggest surname) stitched into the garment you are buying. This is not only a time saver for parents but also improves the chances of an item getting back to its original owner. A great selling point.


Option 2.Via Tesco  - Purchasing items of school uniform through the following link means that you can earn Tesco ClubCard Points for your purchase, you can purchase items during Tesco clothing sale promotion times, you get FREE delivery and even better our school will receive a 5% cash donation in return. Please copy and paste the website address and type in Birch primary school to see the items available to purchase.




Option 3. via School Trends by clicking the following link:


The selection of available school uniform items has been updated to include a new Parka waterproof coat,a red zip up tracksuit top and wool hat etc. There is a sample of the parka and the new tracksuit top available to see in school on the uniform noticeboard.

There are manual uniform order forms for School Trends items of uniform available from the reception area in school if you would rather do a manual order.

Our school benefits to the tune of 5% of your total purchase in donations made from School Trends company back to school.



Our colours are red, black/grey and the uniform is as follows:



School red sweatshirt with school logo

White polo shirt or white shirt

School red fleece and/or reversible fleece jacket with school logo for outdoor use only

School red book bag with school logo

Grey/black trousers

Grey/black shorts may be worn in the summer term



School red sweatshirt with school logo or

School red sweat cardigan with school logo

White polo shirt or white blouse

School red fleece and/or reversible fleece jacket with school logo for outdoor use only

School red book bag with school logo

Grey/black skirt, grey/black trousers or grey/black pinafore dress

Red gingham dresses may be worn in the summer term


Girls and boys in KS1 will need a Red School book bag for school.New pupils to the school will get their first book bag for free as an allocation and welcome gift.Any subsequent bags will need to be purchased from the school office.


For PE all children need

School red t-shirt with or without school logo

School black PE shorts

Black plimsolls

A pair of trainers for outdoor P.E

A  Red or Black Tracksuit for outdoor P.E. (Black jogging bottoms available on the uniform links above and a Red School tracksuit top is available from the School Trends  uniform option)


Optional items

School red cap with school logo

School red/gold tie (Available to purchase from the school office in both elasticated and usual tie options)


On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school (only small studs allowed and must be removed for PE)


Make up and cosmetics are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform. The school does not permit such products to be worn by any children, unless there is a specific event for which the Head has given permission.


Clipper Woven Labels