Sports Reports

Rugby Tournament 


Year 5 and 6 competed in a local Tag Rugby tournament at Colchester Rugby Club.Their were 2 teams they both did amazingly well and workeds a team . 1 team was the year 5 s and the two year 6  which won all of the first pool,which is amazing . The year 6 team worked very well as a team and played some great rugby.


In the second pool both teams made it through to the next round, we played another 5 games.In the year 5  and girls team they sadly lost all of their games but they still tried their best and had great fun coming 4th place

 The boys team came second  but they were very happy.


Thank you to the teachers and parents who came and watched! 

Class 5 appear to be lost !!!

Class  5 appear to be lost !!! 1

Year 6 Orienteering Festival at Maldon Promenade


On Monday the 21st of May, Class 5 went on a trip to participate in a primary school orienteering tournament. Congratulations to all who took part but particular congratulations to Mac and Edward who managed to locate 25 out of the 28 markers placed around the course.


Cricket Year 3/4 10th of May 2018

Cricket Year 3/4 10th of May 2018  1

Year 3 and 4 competed in a cricket competition and did amazingly well, placing in the top 3 and coming 3rd place. They had great fun taking part and competing in the hot sun. We would like to say thank you to the teachers and the parents who went to go and watch and support .


Thank you to Abberton Cricket Club for hosting and to the Tiptree-Stanway Consortium for organising.

Cross country year 3 /4

Year 3/4 took part in a cross country and did amazingly well - Abigail made it in the top ten , coming 6th place which is incredible. So that means she will be working towards the level  3 competition. Good luck and well done to everyone.




Cross Country year 5/6

Year 5 and 6 competed in cross country. They also did amazingly well and tried their best and their hard work paid off.  Joss, who came 8th, is going to compete in the level three competition as well as Rose,who came 6th. Jessica,who came 3rd, with a medal is another person that is going to the level 3 competition. Thank you to Mr Page and Mrs Fairbrother. They were really inspiring to all of us.


Dodgeball Finals


After completing the level 2 competition (taking home the gold), the team progressed to a level 3 competition. The team travelled all the way to Benfleet  on a mini-bus . Trying our hardest and using our new tactics, everyone  played really well as a team and came 9th out of 12 in the whole competition.

 Well done to everyone who took part.



Thank you to Miss Abbott and Mr Page, who travelled to the tournament with us, and supported us the whole way through the tournament.

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Sport Hall Athletics 


Birch year six competed in a local competition , at Essex university . Everyone did at least one thing and tried their best and did very well. We came fourth out of twelve in the competition.  The field events were, ,chest push,speed bounce,standing long jump, and triple jump. The track events were: 1 x 1 relay,4 x 1 relay, 2 x 2 relay and a 6 lap paarlauf. Well done to all the year six's who took part in the events!

by The Sports Captains



Picture 1




Welcome back to the new school year. Our sports captains for this year are Toby, Jessica, Brooke and Ben and, over the coming terms, they will be gradually taking over the 'Sports Reports' page! 


The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile was introduced last year at Birch.  We have changed the the organisation for this year, giving all children the chance to lead in sport. KS1 have teams of marshals for running after playtime and, in KS2, each year group has a 'takeover' day when they supply the marshals. On Fridays, the sports captains hijack the event and do their own 'takeover'. 


PE Lessons

We started a new PE programme in one of our weekly lessons last year called 'RealPE'. The programme develops core 'fundamental' physical skills, whist also developing other aspects of PE learning: social, personal, cognitive, creative skills as well as knowledge of health and fitness. The children work independently on fundamental physical skills, such as balance, coordination and agility through a set of challenges then apply these and other PE and learning skills in a variety of cooperative and competitive games. It is fun to teach and brings another dimension to the children's experience with sport and PE at Birch. In the other lesson during the week, children have the chance to enjoy a more traditional PE lesson, focused on developing skills in a particular sporting activity or game. 



See the clubs page for up-to-date information about sports clubs. Remember, if you like the idea of pursuing a sport outside school, there will usually be a child or parent in the school community who can direct you to a suitable club.



We have already taken part in a wide range of competitions this year. The Y5/6 had a fantastic time at the Maldon Rugby Club event in September. We have fielded football teams for tournaments for Y3/4, Y5/6 and, for the first time ever, a girls football team. 

Our congratulations go to the dodgeball team who came FIRST in the partnership event and are now on their way to the finals in January, representing the partnership.


Community Sports

On Sunday 3rd December we had a birch 'takeover' at Maldon Junior 'parkrun'. There were about 20 children from Birch and fitmix and many thanks to all the parents who came to help marshal. A really great event - we look forward to doing this a gain in a slightly warmer season!



Sports Clubs and Early Morning Football

Interview with Heather