Dinner Menus & Free School Meals

School provided meals are provided by Dolce. School meals will cost £2.65 per meal from September 2023.  Parents are required to sign up for a 'Schoolgrid' account where children's allergies, intolerances, food issues and dietary requirements are noted. Parents will pre-order their child's meals on their account. Meals can be pre-ordered for one day to a half term in advance. So long as the menus have been published by Dolce then they are open to orders. Parents can pre-order and change their child's meal up until 8.55am on the day the meal is required.


Parents can contact Dolce's customer care line on 01942 707709 with any queries or feedback they may have on the food menus and queries.


It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to ensure Dolce has any allergen/dietary requests.  Dolce can be called or messaged directly on their website, for feedback you can also rate the dishes offered and put comments to Dolce on the website.







Autumn Term Menu Choices

Dolce Packed Lunch Order Form - Available For School Trips only

Dolce Allergy & Medical Diet Policy