School Clubs (Separate to childcare option)



We expect all children attending clubs to be polite and courteous to staff. If a child continually does not attend or there is a behaviour issue at a club they may lose their place. Please note that all school run club places are filled on a first come, first served basis.




Some clubs run by school staff members cost £3.25 per hour per session Payments for these clubs should be made via the Scopay cashless website or smartphone App, accessible to all parents (Once registered with a link code). From this term. Due to a change in HR Law any members of staff running clubs now  have to be contracted to do so, and to cover that confirmed labour cost the school now requires full payment for a half term of clubs ahead to book your child's place please. If you have any difficulties financially please speak to Miss Moore directly. Any information you disclose is treated confidentially. Any parent with children who are registered for Pupil Premium funding have had a credit applied to allow you to book your child into any chargeable clubs without the need to pay.


The cost for the wrap around childcare (breakfast & tea-Time Tigers) offer is in line with chargeable club costs. A child may attend a club and then go on to the wrap around childcare option for the second hour after school if required. Please book your childcare places via the Scopay app and email Mrs Christopherson directly on 



Please note that ALL club leaders have been DBS checked prior to the club being arranged









KS1 Art Club


(£3.25 per session via Scopay - Chargebale for a whole term as of the Spring term 2023.

Payment prior to starting please.Thank you) 



3.15 - 4.15  20 places available to children in Class 1 or 2 (KS1)

Miss Clarke (Teaching Assistant)



KS2 Art Club

(£3.25 per session via  Scopay. Chargeable for a whole term as of Spring Term 2023. Payment prior to starting please. Thank you) 




3.15 - 4.15  20 places available to children in Class 3, 4 or 5 (KS2)

Miss Owens (Teaching Assistant)




Table Tennis Club


3.15 - 4pm  

6 places available for Year 6 children only (due to table numbers)

Attendees managed by Mrs. May. Any interested Year 6 should speak directly to Mrs. May. Thank you

Run by Mr Clive Forster (from the local Table Tennis club) and managed by Mrs. May
 Lunchtime Chess ClubLunchtime  Year 1 children upwards

Run by Miss Clarke


Early morning 

Basketball club 


(FREE club as this is paid for by allocated Sports Premium fund that the school receives)


* Starts back Thurs 5th Jan 2023







8.15 a.m - 8.45 am

(Do not drop children off on site until after 8.05am please)

   Year 5 & 6 children only 

Run by RAD Sports coach



RAD sports after school club - Basketball for Spring term


(FREE club as this is paid for by allocated Sports Premium fund that the school receives)


* Starts back Thurs 5th Jan 2023


3.15 - 4.15pm  Year 3 & 4 children onlyRun by RAD Sports coach
Resumes March        2023 (Dates Tbc)

Mud Club (Gardening)


(Chargeable at £3.25 per session and payment will be sorted once the new system goes live) 



3.15 - 4.15  16 Places available to children of any year groupRun by Mrs.Broad

Book Cafe 


Free club


3.15-4.15pm  Class 5 - Yr 6's OnlyMiss Moore
 KS2 Newspaper Club3.15 - 4.15  Any KS2 child who wishes to apply should write an article and present it to Miss Moore who will verify whether this would be an appropriate club for them.

Miss Moore manages the attendees and content. Volunteer Mrs. Emrich runs the club alongside Miss Moore.


Children who apply should be aware that they will likely need to do some research and action at home outside of this club.