Sports Reports

2020-2021 Sport at Birch


Despite the restrictions placed upon us, we have still managed to find ways of creating sporting opportunities...



Children in all classes except Class 1 have run, jumped and thrown with their best efforts during Autumn half term 1. Their distances and times were all recorded then the results of the children with the best overall performances were emailed to the Colchester Schools' Games Organiser. They enjoyed completing the activities and showed determination to record the best scores that they could. So, Well done to everyone! 


*Update 10.12.20*

I have recently received the results and in each group, our scores were generally in the middle from the list of 12 schools that entered the competition.




Also in the Autumn term, we entered another virtual competition set up by the Colchester SGO: Gymnastics. Selected children from Years 3 & 4, and Years 5 & 6 practised and performed a routine to demonstrate a specific set of skills. They were filmed doing this and, again, the video was emailed across for judging. Points were awarded for abilities such as balance, strength and co-ordination. 

I am very pleased to tell you that of the 8 schools that took part in Year 5 & 6, we won! The Year 3 & 4 group also did fantastically well by coming 2nd out of 5 entries. A fantastic achievement - congratulations gymnasts!

The Year 5 & 6's video has now been emailed to the judge for the Essex county ('Level 3') competition...