Sports Reports

The Cricket Tournament

On Tuesday the 18th of June, Birch Primary School went to take part in a cricket tournament, which was at the Glebe on Mersea island. There were 6 teams in total; they were Birch, Layer, Mersea and Tollesbury. They were all named after teams from the cricket world cup 2019. For example: India, Australia and Bangladesh. Birch came 2nd after losing by 31 runs ( which was in the final) against the best side, Mersea Island Primary School.

The Year 2 cricket

On 18th June,  some of the Yr 2s went to a cricket competition which they won! They played 4 games, and won all four of them. They were there for two hours. After the cricket, they announced the winners from last to first. Everyone got a certificate but first and second got a medal and a certificate. They all enjoyed it and they are going to the finals on the 15th of July in Billericay.


The Athletics Competition!

On Tuesday the 25th of June, some yr 6, yr 5, yr 4 and yr 3s went to the Garrison Athletics track for an athletics competition. There were relays, distance running, high jump, long jump, sprinting and throwing. There were three sections to the competition, section A (for larger schools), section B (for middle size schools.) and section C (for the small schools). We were in section B. After all the events, they announced the winners for section A, B and C. C had six schools in the group, B had eight schools in the group and A had six schools as well. We won out of our section with 30 points and the team that came second got 27 points; so they were three points away. Everyone who participated in the competition left with a big smile on their face. 


The Athletics Tournament

17 yr 6's and 3 yr 5's went to an athletics tournament at the University of Essex. They went to the first tournament on the 23rd of January and came 3rd and then went through to the finals and came 6th. In addition, it was an amazing tournament and they all loved it.

Football match

The players were most of the yr 6 boys. The yr 6 girls in the team were Lily and Charlotte F. Reuben was captain and Jesse was the goal keeper. Jesse did some great saves! The other team won with 11-1; they were called Mildene. Overall, it was really fun for the team!


Table Tennis Final

8 year 6's traveled to Harlow for a table-tennis tournament for their second competition because they came 1st place at the Thurstable competition so they qualified to go to the second round. They had lots of fun and were happy to  be there. The 4 boys came 3rd and the 4 girls came 4th. They hope to go to more competitions in the future. 


Partnership Dodgeball Tournament

10 year 6's also went to the Dodgeball tournament and came 1st place. They are going to the finals on January 11th 2019. People were Charlotte.C, Charlotte.F, Isobelle, Joss,Fin,Jesse,Tom,George, William and Frank. They had lots of fun and came back to school in the middle of DT, shouting and cheering that they won.







Welcome back to the new school year. Our sports captains for this year are Dougie, Charlotte, Joss and Eva and, over the coming terms, they will be gradually taking over the 'Sports Reports' page! 


The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile has been running for a few years now.  We have changed the the organisation for this year.  In KS1 the Y2's marshal the run and in KS2 the Y6 children marshal the run. There is now an on-going competition to run the most laps, both for individuals and for classes. 


PE Lessons

We continue to use 'RealPE' and mix this up with other sportsing activites. The Real PE programme develops core 'fundamental' physical skills, whist also developing other aspects of PE learning: social, personal, cognitive, creative skills as well as knowledge of health and fitness. The children work independently on fundamental physical skills, such as balance, coordination and agility through a set of challenges then apply these and other PE and learning skills in a variety of cooperative and competitive games. It is fun to teach and brings another dimension to the children's experience with sport and PE at Birch. In other lessosn during the week, children have the chance to enjoy a more traditional PE lesson, focused on developing skills in a particular sporting activity or game. 



See the clubs page for up-to-date information about sports clubs. Remember, if you like the idea of pursuing a sport outside school, there will usually be a child or parent in the school community who can direct you to a suitable club.



We have already taken part in a wide range of competitions this year. The Y6 had a fantastic time at the Maldon Rugby Club event in September and won the tournament - well done to all our rugby players. We had some very successful results at the cross-country meet, with Joss and Charlotte coming in first and Dougie in a very respectable 5th place. 

Our congratulations go to the table tennis team who won the tournament and will now be representing the partnership at table tennis in a competition in Harlow! Watch this space and we will update as we go!





Cricket Year 3/4 10th of May 2018

Cricket Year 3/4 10th of May 2018  1

Class 5 appear to be lost !!!

Class  5 appear to be lost !!! 1

Sports Clubs and Early Morning Football

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